Child Development and Assessment

  • Overview of child development followed by links to specific pages and paragraph description of resources: content and audience
    • Developmental Delay Screening and Referral to Resources – paragraph on ASQ screening tool, CDI description as connection to resources available like Birth to Three(audience:everyone), link to page with ASQ info (Sparkler, CDI, online ASQ link at United Way)
    • Autism Screening Tool: paragraph on need to screen for autism, (audience: pediatricians, child care providers, home visitors) and link to page- on page, racial disparity data, screening tool, trainings available.
    • CT Early Learning and Development Standards and Assessment Tools- Paragraph on ELDS (audience: child care providers)  and DOTS (center based child care providers), link to page on ELDS and DOTS
    • Developmental Delay Supportive Resources Available: paragraph on Birth to Three, description of how program works (coaches and resources to help parents, child care providers, etc.), link to B-3 webpage and CDI.
    • Head Start Resources on Child Development (paragraph to describe, then link out)
Last updated January 21, 2020