Family Partnership

  • Family Partnership
    • Overview of family partnership- research shows that relationships with families are the most important, everything else (events, forms, etc.) is secondary.  Below are pages that can help you support these relationships:
      • Family and Community Partnership Framework: paragraph on framework to help show best practices in research on partnership, larger page has: document embedded, discussion of “high-impact and Low-impact” activities, link to SDE page, (audience- child care providers)
      • Parent Teacher Home Visiting Project: Overview of PTHV program, link to trainings available
      • Link to Head Start Family Partnership Resources
      • Family and Community Partnership Office: overview:describe how doing feedback loops with families, office/resources still in development. (audience: all)
      • Transitions between Programs: paragraph how important to help with transitions, building relationships with families across programs-, on page, link to  Birth to Three to Preschool Special Ed videos, Pre-k to Grade Three training link
Last updated January 21, 2020