Connecticut Pyramid Partnership (CPP)

In Connecticut, the Connecticut Pyramid Partnership (CPP) serves as the leadership team to promote implementation of the Pyramid Model. Here are the members of the CPP.

Deb ResnickManager, Quality Improvement Division, Connecticut Office of Early Childhood 
Michelle LevyEducation Consultant, Connecticut Office of Early Childhood
Caroline FinleyEarly Childhood Consultation Project
Missy RepkoRegion 1 Head Start Training and TA 
Andrea UrbanoRegion 1 Head Start Training and TA 
Paquita Jarman-SmithState Education Resource Center
Bethanne VergeanUniversity of Connecticut’s Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities (UCEDD)
Heidi MaderiaConnecticut Association for Infant Mental Health
Andrea BrinnelPart B, 619 Coordinator, Connecticut State Department of Education
Jane HamptonConnecticut Parent Advocacy Center
Lisa SwainConsultant, Trainer
Marina RodriguezCo-director and Mentor Coach, All Our Kin New Haven
Judith GoldbergQuality Improvement Services Coordinator, United Way of Connecticut
Elena TrueworthyHead Start Collaboration Office
Jolanta BartoEarly Childhood Consultation Partnership

Would you like to help implement the Pyramid Model?

There are several ways to get involved. We’ll be looking for people to:

— Collaborate with other local professionals and apply to become a Pyramid Model implementation site
— Apply to become a Pyramid Model trainer
— Attend a training session

For more information, contact

Last updated February 22, 2021